More Power at Precision Diesel

Precision Diesel, servicing Eastern Ontario, can help you get up to 25% in fuel savings and 20-25% more power and torque. Available for agricultural, industrial bus, RV, truck applications and includes anything with a gas or diesel engine. When you enhance the performance of your vehicle or equipment, it costs you less to operate. Contact us today!

How Does Programming Work?

The ECM (electronic control module) is the device that controls a vehicle’s performance. Programming unlocks potential by removing factory restrictions, which leads to more horsepower and better fuel mileage. ECM programming will solve more performance issues.

Improved Diesel Performance

Precision Diesel can refresh and enhance in 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Air filter
  • Step 2: Exhaust system
  • Step 3: Performance programming and/or tuner
  • Step 4: Fuel system and gauge selector

Precision Diesel offers most brands of diesel performance accessories, such as horsepower and towing enhancers, performance exhaust and air filters, specialized sensor gauges and lift-kits for pickups. Stop by and pick up one of our “toy catalogues” today!

Programming Brands

  • Steinbauer
  • Duramax tuning
  • Cummins tuning
  • Quick Tricks Auto
  • EFILive
  • Ford Power Stroke
  • Spartan
  • TS Livewire
  • Custom tunes
  • EkoTuning

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“Love the top notch craftsmanship. These boys know what they are doing with a doubt! I’m sure I will be back real soon to put the muffler on my 5″ exhaust.” – Mark

“I realized my truck was a challenge, but you said you have never been beat before and you proved that. You are the best of the best.” – Larry